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SEO Development & CopywritingSEO Copywriting

Copywriting on websites has traditionally been the domain of advertising agencies and marketing copywriters.

However SEO copywriting is a little different, and often frowned upon by traditional copywriters. Instead of simply trying to make a sales pitch, SEO copywriting addresses the website's users as well as the search engine algorithm.

Content is the single most important factor when it comes to ranking your website on Google (graphic design is not a ranking factor for search engines). But without correct markup (coding) it won't be accurately read and interpreted by Google.

Keyword Performance

SEO copywriting requires that Google is able to interpret which keywords are relevant to the content and what the gist of the webpage is, in so doing the search algorithm is able to rank websites with the most relevant content. As the saying goes "Content is King."

If your website has poor SEO copywriting it will affect your rank negatively, and you may not display prominently in search results. On the other hand, by restructuring copy in a search friendly manner, your ranking in search results will improve. Using technical SEO will further enhance your search visibility by highlighting important keywords and phrases.
SEO companies whose websites use incorrect grammar, have spelling mistakes, and show a generally poor command of language should be avoided.

Google Certified

We are a Google certified SEO business - the certification is available on request.

Copywriting and SEO development

SEO copywriting goes hand in hand with SEO development, using best practice HTML coding to ensure the Google algorithm can interpret your content accurately.

SEO copywriting can have it's pitfalls when it is only aimed at the algorithm, and ignores the audience. Producing content which reads awkwardly, and seems to be poorly written. Good SEO copywriting requires striking a balance between the factors, addressing your needs as a business; addressing your customer's needs; and addressing search engine functionality.

SEO copywriting is not merely about focussing on generic keywords, which can be difficult to get high rankings for, but should address long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords are search terms that contain a number of words, and are usually easier to obtain higher rankings for. They also present an opportunity to gain a march on your competitors who haven't identified these search terms, and allow you to generate leads in niche market spaces.

Tip: Avoid using text in images - search engines can't read copy in images, and won't index that content.

Contact Us

Contact us for SEO copywriting which works, or to restructure your existing copy for search engine optimisation.

Algorhythm SEO Services is based in Johannesburg, South Africa (SA). We offer SEO copywriting services throughout South Africa - Sandton, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and elsewhere. As well as for international English language websites.

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