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Djembe drum

A drumhead may last a few months to a few years, depending on various factors (climate, skintype, tuning, treatment). So here are some tips to help extend the lifespan of your drum.

Sabar drumAfrican Drums
Many different skins are used on african drums, such as goat, cow, snake, lizard, fish. Each has its own acoustic properties. but all are natural. And should not be treated with oil or water.

atural skins may also have weak spots which can tear while tuning. While heading the drum, these should be identified in order to avoid them. To repair your own drums is the best way to learn about looking after them.

See how some "drummers" treat other people's equipment.
Be warned!


djembe drumChanges in the environment such as heat and humidity affect the skin, which expands or contracts accordingly. Sudden changes can stress the skin and cause it to break.
A bag is the best way to keep your drum in a regulated, protected environment.

When not playing it is advisable to keep your drum covered.

Some drums Such as Sabar (Senegal), Kpanlogo (Ghana) need to be tuned before playing only and then untuned afterwards. Leaving drums like this tuned-up indefinitely will shorten the head's lifespan.

Learn how to tune your drum correctly from a professional drummer, and how to maintain it correctly - the pros know the tricks of the trade.

When playing drums, it is advisable not to wear any rings, watches, bracelets etc. As they may damage the drum,

Conga drums, see

Hand made Drums

our speciality. See Gallery -->>


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