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Some useful tips to help preserve your wooden drum, and hopefully improve the sound.

Hardwood Drums
Ivory Coast Djembe

When having your drum reheaded it is advisable to treat the wood as well, since this will prevent cracks forming later on. And improve the drum's sound.
Raw linseed oil is best, avoid using boiled linseed oil.

If your bass is not resounding properly, it may be due to a crack or hole in the shell. So all cracks should be filled so that there are no air leaks.
Woodglue and sawdust is an excellent filler.

You can easily improve your drum by taking it apart and giving it a good clean and simple refurbish with wax, glue, sandpaper etc.
And then re-assemble and tune it afterwadrs.

Drum Proverbs

"A good drummer listens as much as he plays."
-Indian Proverb

"He who makes a mistake is still our friend;
He who lengthens or shortens a melody is still our friend;
But he who violates the rhythm unawares can never be our friend."
-Arabian Proverb

"The rhythm is in your blood."
-African Proverb

Drum Practise

Some tips to help improve your drumming:
Regular practice and lots of it is key.
Practise slowy to develop speed.
Maintain good posture and relaxation in all your limbs
Good technique is most important, find a good teacher who can help correct your technique.
Listen to the music you want to play.
Listen to other musicians when playing with them.
Conga drums, see
Jovenes Clasicos del Son

This is an event that many missed, voted Cuba's #1 dance band. They were in South Africa for a week in april 2006 playing a number of shows.

For more info see -where there is a live video of their last set in SA, as well as background stories told by el Loco - the mad percussionista.

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