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SEO Services Johannesburg, South AfricaEffective SEO Services

Algorhythm is an SEO company that provides highly effective SEO services to enable you to obtain the best results on search engines such as Google, and drive online traffic to your website. We provide SEO Services in Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, throughout South Africa and internationally.

During competitor analysis we noticed that many SEO agencies claim to be the best at SEO - which is easy to say, but can they provide proof?
Internet Marketing experts at Google actually advise against this practice of claiming to be the best, it lacks credibility and can harm your reputation in the long run.
Which makes it quite interesting that so many SEO & Digital Marketing agencies use this as their go-to sales pitch.

Optimise your website's potential.
Increase your online presence.

We prefer to focus on rankings, search results, and delivering excellent service. Which means, improving your search rankings and delivering relevant online traffic, that is traffic that can be converted into leads and sales.
Analysing competitors' websites, and compiling accurate reports, so that your SEO strategy can be tailored to address the ever-changing environment of search algorithms and internet marketing.

Latest update to Google's search algorithm
Website performance is going to be a critical factor for SEO, it's all about page speed and page experience.

Free initial SEO analysis and consultation!
We will analyse your website, and meet with you (in person or remotely) to discuss how we can improve your SEO and search results. At no charge.
Then you can decide if you want make use of our services. No obligations.
Contact us for your initial free SEO analysis and consultation.

Why should you focus on organic SEO?

The estimated click-through rate for a business with the no.1 organic position on Google search is about 34.2%.

What is the average click-through-rate for a regular search ad?
It's a mere 4.4%.

Organic SEO click throughs are free, while paid ad click throughs can run up your bill quickly. Organic SEO also carries more weight and credibility with your audience, your website is deemed to have value when it reaches the top positions.

More targetted website traffic translates to more conversions into leads & sales, and broadening your customer base. That is your return on investment (ROI).
Search engine optimisation is our speciality.

algorhythm seo - google ranking
Top ranking on Google for the keywords - algorhythm seo - out of 40 300 search results.

SEO Consulting & Development

SEO consulting and development work hand in hand, we will analyse your website and report back on ways to increase your search visibility by employing best SEO coding practices, as well as structuring your SEO copywriting for the most effective results.

In addition we use social media & create backlinks to increase your website traffic while improving your SEO score on search engines, as well as registering your business on Google, and Google analytics. This allows us to monitor your traffic, identify important keywords (KPI), deliver monthly reports and implement SEO strategy to continue improving your web presence.

SEO for small businesses

Do you require local SEO for your small business? We will optimise your website and online presence for customers in your area, but why stop there? We will expand your reach to a provincial and national level while keeping costs affordable. If SEO costs more than your returns, it is not worth your while.

Here are some services we offer to maximise local & national SEO for small businesses:

Website optimisation - on-page SEO; quicker page loading speed.
SEO for important keywords, research new keywords, focus on long-tail keywords.
Registration with Google My business - SEO for Google My Business.
Registration with Google Analytics - create XML sitemap.
Submission of Youtube videos - SEO for Youtube. Backlinks from Youtube. We can also edit & optimise videos.
Help with Google Adwords campaigns - maximise SEO and reduce your adwords costs.
Social Media updates.
Website updates, introduction of new keywords in copywriting.
Monthly reports on traffic and keyword performance.

What is the Google algorithm?

What is the Google Algorithm?The Google algorithm is simply a means of computation to solve a problem, it is however, extremely complex and is constantly evolving to deliver better search results. It is actually a combination of many algorithms working in unison.

Basically, it's like a machine which produces a product. You enter something at one end, and at the other end it delivers a product from what has been entered.

In this case, one enters a website - Google performs a complex computation involving all their programming and parameters - and produces a search result. Which ranks your content in relation to other websites.

Here is the explanation from Google - how search algorithms work.

No one knows exactly how the algorithm functions, even Google developers don't know exactly how it functions since it is always evolving and changing. This is why your search results may differ, and your website may even lose a high ranking overnight.
You need not be alarmed, if your website has good SEO (search engine optimisation) - it will make a comeback. If it doesn't then your SEO strategy needs to change, and once again analysis is the first step.

Google Certified

We are a Google certified SEO business - the accreditation is available on request.
There is only one certificate issued by Google.

Many SEO agencies imply they have a special relationship with Google - being a google partner merely means having an adwords account. Google has created this misnomer - they should rename it "Google Adwords Client".
No one has a special relationship with Google or insider information on the algorithm - Google won't allow itself to be compromised in this way.

SEO Experience

SEO Development & CopywritingWhat differentiates us from other SEO companies and agencies is our method of Search Engine Optimisation which has been honed over more than 20 years in Web Development, using SEO succesfully to run online businesses, and keeping abreast of changes to the Google algorithm. We utilise skill and experience, a multi-pronged approach works best, not third party software. This domain - - was registered in 2001.
We spend substantial time monitoring search results on Google and noting changes to the algorithm, as well as keeping up with the latest insights from international SEO specialists. Which is augmented by utilising reports and data from the most reputable tools in the industry.

Search Engine Optimisation

We won't try bamboozle you with marketing jargon and statistical nonsense.
We can tailor packages to suit your budget and requirements
We won't limit the amount of keywords in your campaign - the more the better is our philosophy.
We won't tie you into contracts - although we prefer working on a month to month basis - we would like to prove we can add value to your business, so that a constructive working relationship can develop. And we can become part of your marketing stategy.

We are rankings driven. Our aim is to get you onto the first page of Google search results, and continue to make improvements.
Can we deliver?
Yes, and we can prove it.
We currently have several websites appearing regularly on the first page of Google for relevant results.
One features in the top 3 positions for many relevant (generic) keywords, regularly featuring in first place - which translates into new customer enquiries. This has taken about a year to achieve.
However, we do not guarantee you no.1 rankings - that depends on your sector of business, how good your competition is and how your website compares.
We can do a once-off SEO, but it does take time, analysis and development to maximise the potential of your website, which is why we view Search Engine Optimisation as a process rather than a once off event.

Contact Us

Contact us for excellent service, obligation free quotations, SEO consulting, Strategy and website analysis.

Algorhythm SEO Services is an owner run and managed business, you will get personal service and constructive feedback. You will see the results on Google, and in online traffic.

We offer SEO services in Randburg, Sandton, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban and throughout South Africa (SA), as well as any country in Africa using English, and international SEO for english language websites. The google algorithm remains the same throughout the world.

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