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Here is a case study in progress for one of our SEO clients, using data obtained from Google itself (not third party websites or software). Our SEO client is operating in a highly competitive market, by doing monthly SEO we can monitor performance and make improvements in areas where we identify opportunities, or gaps in the market.

The client has a 500 page website, which requires SEO to be done on a monthly basis, to keep SEO costs affordable.
We meet with the client every month to discuss the monthly results, and the SEO strategy moving forward - so we can make immediate adjustments to SEO where required.

Rather than doing SEO for the entire website at once, the decision was made to do SEO on a monthly basis, for a set amount of hours, which allows the client to plan a budget, while being able to see that the SEO strategy is indeed delivering results.

As part of our SEO services, we also advise on making changes to the website content and design to improve SEO results, as well as doing SEO for Google Business listings, and offer advice for Google adwords campaigns (since we are not responsible for the adwords campaign for this business).

Improving Google Business listing results:

Google Business listing report for February 2022, before SEO -

SEO for Google business profile

Google Business listing report for March 2022, after SEO -

Google Business profile SEO results

Google Adwords results:

Google adwords report for 1st week March/April 2022 -

Google Adwords results

Google adwords report for 2nd week of April 2022 -

Adwords results

From the adwords results, we can see how many people actually click on ads versus how many ads are shown, it is clear that the Google business listing actually outperforms Google ads - well below 1% of people actually click on ads despite several thousand impressions. Google ads are not as effective as they are perceived to be, and actually deliver a low return on investment.

The advantage of the Google business listing is that it is free, while Google ads can run up costs quickly - while delivering low results. Many companies spend a large portion of their marketing budget on Google ads, while they should be re-assigning a fair percentage of that to organic SEO, where they will get higher returns for their spend.

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Google Certified

We are a Google certified SEO business - the certification is available on request.

Web Development & Design

We also offer the full suite of web development and website design services, including e-commerce, database websites and more. Enquire to find out how we can assist you.

Algorhythm SEO Services is based in Johannesburg, South Africa (SA). We offer SEO services throughout South Africa - SEO in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and elsewhere.

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