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March 2022 - Google's next update is going to have a significant impact on SEO for many websites, so it is better to get ahead of the curve. This update has been long overdue, and will continue to become more important in the future.

So what is it - page loading speed and experience. Google already has an algorithm in place which ranks page loading speed, but now that algorithm is becoming more important.

So, if you have a similair SEO score to a competitor, page loading speed and page experience could be the difference maker in who achieves the higher ranking.

With so many websites being developed without regard for page speed, this update is going to have a large impact all across the web.

Page loading speed is not merely a matter of the size of graphics running on the front end, but also animations (they tend to slow down websites).
As well as: the services running in the background (back end processes) -
Does your website run a lot of remote services that load while your page is loading?
Are you running on a database that is resource heavy?
Are you loading services in the background that are not necessary?
Does your website have plugins from remote servers?
Is your code bloated and filled with unnecessary repetitions?
Is your CSS optimised for maximum speed?
Are you running javascripts / java ?
Are you using a web development editor (like Wordpress or Magento) to develop your website?

All these factors, and many more that affect page speed, are going to come into play for your website's SEO score, and ultimately your ranking on Google.

Web developers will feel vindicated by this announcement. Speed is a matter of good coding practice. If you can work a solution in 10 lines of code, that is certainly more elegant and desirable than 1000 lines of code.

Website designers should take note of this Google update, if they design websites that are too graphics intensive, and have loading issues.
This will affect their search visibility.

This update is already in progress, and should be completed by the end of March 2022.

Google's next algorithm update is all about site performance:

Contact Us

Contact us to see how we can best optimise your website for page loading speed, and stay ahead of the algorithm. This google update will continue to become more of a factor in the future for SEO.

We offer SEO services in Randburg, Sandton, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban and throughout South Africa (SA), as well as any country in Africa using English, as well as internationally for english language websites. The google algorithm remains the same throughout the world.

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