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There are 2 different types of Tabla, the one comes from India and consists of 2 drums, a bas and a high pitched drum.

The other, lesser known type of Tabla comes from Egypt, and is a goblet drum, known by many names and played all over North Africa, and in the middle East.

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Tabla - India

The indian Tabla has an ancient lineage, and descends from the Pakkawaj, a drum played by very few in the world today.

Like many other drums, goatskin is used to head the tabla which is a complicated process.

Famous exponents of the Tabla like Zakir Hussain have revolutionised the way Tabla is played, and brought it into prominence on the world stage. is the best Tabla site we could find, check it out for Tabla history, tuning, repairing, playing.


North Africa

the Tabla of North Africa is a goblet shaped drum, similair to the djembe - which gives it high pitched edge sounds and a resounding bas. It is the lead drum in the Egyptian drum ensemble, and plays the solo parts in the rhythmic composition.

A similar drum known as the Darbouka is played in Lebanon. These drums are also used for belly dancing, and have very powerful rhythms.

Modern exponents of the Tabla include Hussain Ramsamy.

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